Arts For Peace Ltd. is a 501 (c) (3) initiative that develops new and innovative programmes and events in the areas of music, visual arts, performance, dance, and communications; it is committed to establishing bridges between the arts community and the work of the UN, the aims of the UN Charter and the realization of a Culture of Peace.

As a Goodwill Ambassador and Artist-in-Residence for UN afp, Jourdan serves as a cultural link between the UN community and the artistic community in NY and abroad. By organizing salons, playing at functions, and putting the right people together, the Ambassador intends that fruitful collaborations and lifelong partnerships for peace will be formed.

In service of the UN, Jourdan has opened the past 4 UN Youth Assemblies with a performance and address, and frequently speaks and plays  in the UN General Assembly Hall for consulate and UN staff and ambassadors.

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