When Jourdan was seven years old, he founded Children Helping Children, initially a music therapy organization dedicated to improving the lives of children in metro NY neurological intensive care units. From there, the organization grew, putting on Concerts for a Cure that have raised over 5 million dollars to date for the international medical community.

Now, 14 years later, Concerts for a Cure is an award-winning non-profit fundraising consultancy active from LA to Australia. Because of its unique zero-overhead operating principals and industry acclaim, CFC has been able to leverage its core competencies to fund a staggering list of services, including:

-1,000 Cochlear Implants to children who were born deaf

-12 life saving neurosurgeries

-The largest music therapy program in the country, at the University of Michigan's Mott Children's Hospital, serving 5,000 young inpatients a year.

To get involved or put on a Concert for a Cure in your region, email info@childrenhelpingchildren.org